December 8, 2019


The purchase of a home inspection is one of the smartest decisions that you can make during the purchase of your new home. The purchase of a New Home is one of the most expensive investments that most people will ever make.

A Home Inspection is a visual non-invasive view of the home on the day of the Inspection. A Certified Home Inspector should have a good overall knowledge of all the appliances, systems and structure of your home. The Inspector should visually inspect the structure of your home, test your appliances and systems to verify they are functioning properly. If they are not, the Inspector should recommend Repair or Replacement by a Certified Professional in that field of expertise.

Below is a list of some of the items that should be inspected.

Structural components including foundation and framing of the home.

Exterior features including siding, soffit, electrical, porches, balconies, walkways, grading, railings and driveways.

Roof system including shingles, flashing and skylights.

Electrical system including service panels, breakers and fuses.

Plumbing systems including pipes, drains, water heating equipment and sump pumps.

Heating system including equipment and venting.

Cooling system including energy sources and distribution equipment.

Interior features including walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, stairs and railings.

Insulation and ventilation including those in the attic and other unfinished spaces.

Fireplaces including chimneys and vents.

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